Trading Platform Solutions

MT4 and MT4 Mobile

The world’s most requested Forex retail trading platform remains the MT4 or Metatrader 4 trading platform, which is also supported by its Mobile counterpart that is able to be used on all Smart phones as well tablets. A client driven platform is exactly what traders are looking for, which is why Valsen offers the MT4 platform as part of its full turn-key solution for Forex/Securities trading businesses.

The MT4 must have optimal configuration from the get-go in order to have the most powerful, versatile offering to end clients, and requires expertise to get it right the first time, otherwise the offering will be poor and limited, as well as difficult to change.

Valsen provides the MT4 White Label & MT4 Mobile in an optimized format. This format provides our clients with a massive advantage against its competitors both on the management and marketing side. Valsen provides clients unparalleled level of support and service to manage its groups, trades, feed, spreads, mark-ups, commissions and more.

Because Valsen provides its clients with an unlimited manager platform, and full functionality on the Meta Admin terminal, it gives as much flexibility as one owned the Meta license without the headache of maintaining it. With the Valsen configuration, you will be able to offer your end traders any combination of the list below and more:

  • Forex, Metals, CFD and Equity trading
  • Fixed Spreads
  • Variable Spreads
  • ECN Accounts
  • Instant Execution
  • Market Execution
  • Silver, Gold Platinum Accounts
  • USD, EUR, and other currencies Accounts
  • Micro Accounts
  • Flexible security settings
  • Any combination settings and more.

Thus at Valsen, we constantly ensure that our White Label solutions offer quality and seamless technology to offer our clients a distinct marketing and business advantage over their competitors.


Web Trader and MAM

The MT4 trading platform is the platform of choice when it comes to trading, however even though the download version is supported by the MT4 Mobile, it is still not available as a web trader. It is for this reason that Valsen has made available a web trader that can support the MT4. The web trader, has a unique look is fully branded and allows the end user to trade in a non-download environment and still monitor all trading in a single source.

Valsen also provides the MAM platform (Multi Account Manager). This platform enables asset managers, money managers and portfolio managers the opportunity to run and manage their client portfolios in the most convenient way possible. The MAM platform is an essential tool of trade, and Valsen is able to deliver its MAM platform for the benefit of asset managers.

Forex/Securities traders can find various trading platforms available under the Valsen technology solution.


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