Banking License Solutions

The success of the international financial services industry hinges primarily on the strength of the banking sector. With the dynamic nature of the financial markets, establishing a bank onshore or offshore is a complex and time consuming process. From the setup of a Company, acquisition of professional personnel, the due diligence process, sourcing technical software, SWIFT network registration and the entire management of the licensing procedures, the legal ramifications alone can prove to be quite daunting.
Valsen offers a suite of services tailored to the unique requirements of each banking business, either commercial banks, investment banks, general banking license or restricted banking licenses. From inception until the launch of full operations, Valsen has years of experience as a dedicated partner.

  • Set-up and incorporation of Company or underlying corporate entity
  • Acquisition of Compliance Officers and other key personnel
  • Banking license preparation and regulatory liaising and support
  • Drafting of key banking manuals, AML & CTF guidelines and compliance policies
  • Sourcing of core banking software and other banking technology solutions
  • Acquisition of local office space
  • Introduction to key providers such as auditors, correspondence banks, regulated FX brokers, payment service providers etc.
  • Merchant services, card processing and introduction to VISA/MasterCard
  • Principal Members
  • On-going legal support with the Central Bank

Valsen acts as a one-stop shop for all banking structuring and operational solutions in a variety of jurisdictions. We remain committed to providing excellent and efficient services by offering access to our deep network of market players in the banking industry.


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