Risk Management & Liquidity Solutions

Risk Management

The ability for a trader to effectively manage its risk is essential to its independence. Valsen has created the necessary tools for traders to manage their own risk and make their own decisions. The trader is able to run both an A Book and B Book operation.

The full technology solution has a fully hosted 24 hour service and Valsen is essentially your outsourced trading technology partner. Therefore, your risk decisions are supported by Valsen but NOT determined by us.

All A Book trades are routed directly to a dedicated account separated individually by broker; all B Book trades are authorized by the Valsen configured Virtual Dealer.


Liquidity is all about transparency and execution. Transparency is vital to prove to all parties that no conflict of interest applies. Conflict of interest can lead to rejected trades, re-quotes, no-quotes, delay in execution and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The most important aspect of running an A Book, is transparency with your liquidity provider.

Valsen has agreements in place with top-tier multiple liquidity streams on all types of categories, Forex, Metals and CFD’s. Execution is almost a part of transparency, since having transparency from top-tier banks and other first tier providers with multiple sources then top execution follows.

We advise on a complete technology platform to avoid different sources or providers for feed and liquidity. This is because quite often, end traders are trading off the feed source but executing off the liquidity source, any variation on the prices then increases the chances of rejection. Having the same source for the feed as well as the liquidity reduces rejection rates.

That is why Valsen offers revolutionary and fully comprehensive trading technology solutions.


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