Antigua & Barbuda Captive Insurance-License

Captive Insurance Licences are granted by the Supervisor of Insurance, acting in conjunction with the International Financial Sector Authority (IFSA), and, once issued, the corporation is at liberty to engage in all types of insurance activities other than domestic insurance. There is a statutory minimum capital requirement of US$250,000. An applicant for a Licence must demonstrate that this amount has been deposited in a Bank, operating in Antigua and Barbuda, or, in a recognized bank operating outside of Antigua and Barbuda.

Antigua and Barbuda Captive Insurance Licence Key Features

  1. International insurance companies are regulated by the IBC Act
  2. Subsidiaries, branches or internet services must not be established by licensees without the Commission’s approval
  3. The established minimum paid-up capital is USD $250,000
  4. International insurances licenses are issued or refused by the Commission within three (3) months of receipt
  5. Insurance business must begin within six (6) months upon issue of licence
  6. An international business company licensed to provide international insurance services must have a physical presence in Antigua and Barbuda
  7. On-site examination of an international insurance company is done every year

Antigua and Barbuda Captive Insurance Licence Legal Requirements

Antigua and Barbuda Captive Insurance Licence Description
  • Local physical office required
Share capital or equivalent
  • Minimum paid-up capital
USD $250,000
  • Insurance Manager
  • Principal Representative
  • Minimum number
  • Corporate shareholders allowed
  • Local  shareholders required
Service Providers Required
  • Company Secretary

Antigua and Barbuda Captive Insurance Licence Tax Treatment

  1. Exemption from tax on income and all withholding taxes.
  2. Exemption from all corporate taxes on capital gains or any tax on the transfer of assets or securities to any person.

Antigua and Barbuda Captive Insurance Licence Duration to Set Up

3 Months

Antigua and Barbuda Captive Insurance Licence Distinctive Benefits

  • Tax deduction for the parent company for the insurance premium paid to the captive;
  • Various other tax savings opportunities, including gift and estate tax savings for the shareholders and income tax savings for both the captive and the parent;
  • Opportunity to accumulate wealth in a tax-favored vehicle;
  • Distributions to captive owners at favorable income tax rates;
  • Asset protection from the claims of business and personal creditors;
  • Reduction in the amount of insurance premiums presently paid by the operating company;

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