Turkey Banking Licence

Banking business is defined under the Banking Ordinance 1998, as amended (“the Banking Ordinance”) Section 2 as the business of accepting deposits, and employment of those deposits by any means at the risk of the person accepting those deposits. Anyone carrying on activities defined as banking business in the islands must be licensed to do so. Applications for banking licenses must be submitted to the Commission for approval.

There are two types of banking licenses that may be granted under the Banking Ordinance:

  1. National Banking License: This license authorizes the licensee to carry on banking activities in and from the Islands with islanders (or “Belongs,” as defined by the Immigration Ordinance) and other residents who are ordinarily or temporarily resident in the Islands. Holders of the license must typically maintain their head office within the Islands.
  2. Overseas Banking License:This authorizes the licensee to carry on banking activities from within the Islands but specifically excludes banking business with any person who is ordinarily or temporarily resident in the Islands. This type of license may be granted to financial institutions who do not maintain their head office in the Islands, provided that the banking activities carried on from the Islands are managed by either another licensee who maintains a principal office in the Islands or approved person who is resident in the Islands.

Turkey Banking License Key Features

  1. Applications for licenses must be accompanied by memorandum and articles of association or similar, a business plan and any other documents which are deemed necessary.
  2. Changes in either the constitution or activities of the business from those submitted with the original application must be declared.
  3. A financial institution may hold both types of banking license provided that separate accounting records are maintained or business activities under each license is conducted through separate branches or subsidiaries
  4. The Banking (Capital) Regulations 2003 (“the Capital Regulations”) made under Sections 9-13 of the Banking Ordinance define the minimum capital requirements for licenses carrying on banking business in or from within the Islands.
  5. Holders of a banking license are required under Section 29 (1-6) of the Banking Ordinance to file monthly and quarterly returns with the FSC.

Turkey Banking License Legal Requirements

Turkey Banking Licence Description
  • Corporate  vehicle permitted
Turkey Company
  • Local physical office required
Share capital or equivalent
  • Minimum paid up capital
USD 100,000
  • Minimum number
  • Corporate directorship allowed
  • Local director required
  • Minimum number
  • Corporate shareholders allowed
  • Local  shareholders required
Service Providers Required
  • Company Secretary
  • Requirements to File

Turkey Banking License Tax Treatment

There is no capital, value added or inheritance taxes in Turkey, nor any stamp or document duties except in respect of Turkey real property.

Turkey Banking License Duration to Set Up

3 months

Turkey Banking License Distinctive Benefits

  • There is no capital, value added or inheritance taxes in Turkey,
  • There is no stamp or document duties except in respect of Turkey real property.
  • Turkey maintains high privacy standards

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