Seychelles Investment Advisor License

The Seychelles Securities Act, 2007 governs the conduct of securities business activities in the country and is responsible for the creation of a suitable regulatory environment for one of the world’s emerging offshore financial centres.

Key Features

An Investment Advisor as per the definition of the Securities Act, 2007 is:

  1. a person who carries on business giving advice on securities, or
  2. holds himself out as conducting, in Seychelles, such business described below:
  • Advises other persons concerning investment in securities
  • Issues, analyses or reports concerning specific securities or
  • Manages a portfolio of securities for another person without holding property of the other person and on terms that preclude him from doing so.

A person is not regarded as carrying on business of giving advice on securities if that person:

  1. Is a securities dealer
  2. Is a bank in Seychelles
  3. Is a lawyer or a professional accountant who gives advice on securities as an incident to the practice of that person’s profession
  4. Gives advice on securities only in a newspaper, magazine, journal or other periodical publication
  • which is generally available to the public
  • which does not have as its principal or only object the provision of advice,
  • the issue of analyses or reports, concerning securities

Legal Requirements




  • Corporate  vehicle permitted


·         License application fee

USD 1,000

·         Annual license fee

USD 1,000

·         Representative application fee (in case of IAL for companies)

USD 250

·         Representative license fee (in case of IAL for companies)

USD 500

  • Local physical office required


Share capital or equivalent

·         Minimum paid up capital

USD 25,000


  • Minimum number


  • Corporate directorship allowed


  • Local director required



  • Minimum number


  • Corporate shareholder allowed


  • Local shareholder required


Service Providers Required

  • Company secretary


Tax Treatment

  • A tax rate of 1.5% will be applicable on the assessable (gross) income of the licensee.
  • No withholding tax is payable on dividends and/or interest payable.

Duration to Set Up

About 3 months

Distinctive Benefits of Licence

  • Ease and speed of establishment
  • Flexible structuring of the entity
  • Favourable compliance restrictions
  • Friendly regulatory environment

The Valsen Advantage

  • End to end comprehensive service
  • Speedy and efficient service
  • Expert advice on structuring options
  • Dedicated ongoing compliance support
  • Extensive network pool of service providers


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