Samoa Public Fund License

A public fund defined as an international mutual fund which is neither a private or professional fund is compelled to undergo a registration procedure similar to the licensing of international banks and insurance companies. A mutual fund can be established as an international company, a partnership, a unit trust or other similar body formed or organized under the other international financial services legislation.

Samoa Public Fund License Key Feature

  1. Must maintain accounting records
  2. Must prepare audited financial accounts.
  3. Exemption from registration or recognition is given to a family trust fund as defined in the Act.

Samoa Public Fund License Legal Requirements

Samoa Public Fund License Corporate Details
  • Type of Entity
Public  Fund
  • Local physical office required
Share capital or equivalent
  • Minimum subscription
  • Minimum investors
  • Minimum number
  • Corporate directorship allowed
  • Local director required
Service Providers Required
  • Custodian
  • Fund manager/Investment manager
  • Fund administrator
  • Audited Accounts

Samoa Public Fund License Tax Treatment

  1. Capital gains tax is levied at 27% on profits arising from the disposal of capital assets sold within 3 years of the date of acquisition.
  2. The company tax rate is 27%.

Samoa Public Fund License Duration for Set up

3 -4 Weeks

Samoa Public Fund License Distinctive Benefits

  • Double tax treaties With NZ to ensure ease of doing business
  • Finely tuned regulatory regime that provides confidence in the quality of supervision while ensuring that the demands of the investment community can be met.
  • Local fund administrators with an unrestricted licence (“authorised administrator”) have the ability to license professional and SMART investment funds independently of the regulator.

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