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Payments are a critical component of any merchant’s business and any disruption to service will have a direct impact on the business and its end customers. Once a payments solution goes live, merchants or service providers have the responsibility to make sure it stays up-and-running and up to date. It is critical to have an easy to use operational toolset that proactively manages payment applications and terminals thereby helping to prevent downtime. This includes dealing with routine maintenance operations like updates as well as unforeseen circumstances.

Valsen provides leading payments service software applications that maximise choice and flexibility. We keep your payments systems up and running with futuristic operational tools, built for purpose from the ground up specifically for managing payments solutions.

Using a web front-end, solution and service providers can administrate all aspects of payments-related configuration, track terminal usage and spot potential problems in real-time. We offer simple, but comprehensive API solutions that allow for integration with other business systems and for managing complex payment solutions.


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