Macau Insurance License

Macau is officially known as the Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (Macau SAR). The Macau SAR insurance regulator is the Monetary Authority of Macau, known by its Portuguese acronym ‘AMCM’, which operates under the authority of Macau SAR’s Chief Executive. The Insurance Supervision Department is AMCM’s dedicated insurance unit. Insurers and Reinsurers that intend to provide services in Macau on a regular basis must be previously licensed to do so and will be either life or non-life. Composite licences are not granted.

Macau Insurance License Key Feature

  1. A company carrying on business as an insurance broker or insurance agent must be approved by AMCM and at least one individual must be appropriately qualified.
  2. A foreign insurer must be licensed and have been in operation for more than five years in its country or territory of origin, must have sound business and financial ability and have no record of material violation of laws and regulations in order to be permitted to establish a branch.
  3. A foreign insurer will only be permitted to carry on in Macau, through its authorized branch, the class of insurance for which it is licensed and which it effectively operates in its jurisdiction.
  4. Prior approval from AMCM is required to directly or indirectly acquire more than 10 per cent of the share capital or of the voting rights in a Macau incorporated insurance company.

Macau Insurance License Legal Requirements

Macau Insurance Licence Description
  • Local physical office required
Share capital or equivalent
  • Minimum paid-up capital
         i.            Insurance companies (life) – MOP $30 million

ii.            Insurance companies (non-life) – MOP $15 million

iii.            Reinsurance companies (life) – MOP $150 million

iv.            Reinsurance companies (non-life)- MOP $100 million

  • Insurance Manager
  • Principal Representative
  • Minimum number
  • Corporate shareholders allowed
  • Local  shareholders required
Service Providers Required
  • Company Secretary

Macau Insurance Tax Treatment

  1. Insurance companies MOP 500
  2. There is no VAT regime in Macau.
  3. Stamp duty is payable on certain types of documents and stampable transactions at a small fixed amount or at rates ranging from 0.1% to 10% on the value represented by the documents and transactions.

Macau Insurance License Duration to Set Up

6 months

Macau Insurance Distinctive Benefits

  • Large foreign exchanges reserves
  • Low taxation
  • Few exchange controls or foreign currency regulations
  • Free trade economic system

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