Jamaica Securities Dealer License

The Securities Act requires individuals or companies wishing to enter the securities industry as dealers, investment advisers or their representatives, to be licensed by the Financial Services Commission. Under Section 2(1) of the Act, a dealer is a person who carries on the business of dealing in securities, whether as principal or agent. Basically, dealing in relation to securities under the Act, means acquiring, disposing of, subscribing for or underwriting securities, or making or offering to make, or inducing or attempting to induce a person to make or offer to make, an agreement regarding securities.

Jamaica Securities Dealer License Key Features

  1. The regulations provide a choice of two (2) methods for individuals to meet the financial requirements for Dealers.
  2. They must either maintain a minimum net worth of $10M or acquire Indemnity Insurance for a minimum of $10M. If the individual chooses to maintain net worth of $10M
  3. Audited Financial Statements establishing this must be submitted. Net Worth is defined as “the difference between his assets and his liabilities”.
  4. There are no financial requirements for representatives, so all that must be submitted by persons applying for registration of Representatives is certified copies of their passports, academic qualifications and marriage certificates.
  5. The application form for representatives also requests the names of three (3) referees.
  6. A fundamental requirement for licensing is that at least one of their Directors must first be the holder of a Dealer’s or Investment Adviser’s Licence.
  7. The Commission has, therefore, stipulated, that a further requirement for licensing of Dealers under the Act is that companies must maintain minimum capital of $50M.

Jamaica Securities Dealer License Legal Requirements

Jamaica Banking Licence Description
  • Corporate  vehicle permitted
Jamaica Company
  • Local physical office required
Share capital or equivalent
  • Minimum paid up capital
  • Minimum number
  • Corporate directorship allowed
  • Minimum Net worth
  • Indemnity Insurance
Service Providers Required
  • Company Secretary

Jamaica Securities Dealer License Tax Treatment

Jamaica Securities Dealer License attracts capital gain tax of 15%

Jamaica Securities Dealer License Duration to Set Up

6 months

Jamaica Securities Dealer License Distinctive Benefits

  • There are no financial requirements for representatives
  • Jamaica Securities Dealer License attracts capital gain tax of 15%

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