Gaming Company Formation & Licensing

  1. Company Formation

The first step in starting your own gaming company is to set up a company. Setting up the right company for you, in the right way requires experience and industry insights.

Valsen will take care of all your needs including finding you the right Jurisdiction, offshore or onshore, take you through the entire due diligence process for incorporation.

At Valsen, we shall address three fundamental aspects of the incorporation;

  1. Ease in the setup;
  2. Efficiency and speed in setting up; and
  3. Tailor-made structures that suit your trading business.

There are several jurisdictions available that may suit your needs; Valsen will be able to guide you through the best options: from offshore company solutions with tax and privacy incentives to onshore company solutions for increased reputation and flexibility.

2. Licensing

There are several different options for licensing or regulating your gaming company. Selecting the most appropriate trading license in the different jurisdictions whilst taking into account your financial restrictions and your ultimate objective is a job for experts; Valsen has the knowhow, knowledge and experience.

When selecting the appropriate option for your trading business, key factors to consider include:

  1. The location of your clientele;
  2. The cost and requirements of setting up;
  3. The cost and requirements of maintaining your operation;
  4. The ability to passport into different jurisdictions;
  5. The ability to expand your operations;
  6. The location of the jurisdiction and ease of access to your place of origin;
  7. The availability of good local support;
  8. The reputation of the jurisdiction; and
  9. The banking and payment solutions as well as marketing alternatives that will be available as a direct result of the license.

Valsen will be able to analyze your current situation and find you the most appropriate solution to meet your needs.


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