Fund Banking & Custodian Solutions

Fund Banking Solutions

Solid and credible banking partners are a cornerstone of the structuring of any Mutual Fund. Through our vast network of banking partners we introduce start-up Funds to the best banks to suit their business model.

We regularly review the best banking opportunities and recommend those which we believe to be best suited to meet your specific needs. Once we understand our clients and their business objectives, we identify the most suitable bank to work with. Some of the aspects we consider include:

  1. The registered residence and operational address of our client. Banks often have policies that deny, restrict or place conditions upon certain classes of clients from having access to their services, and these policies change from time to time;
  2. The proposed activities of the client company that we administer; and
  3. Opening deposits and minimum balance requirements.

Valsen provides quality service by guiding you on the bank application process and handle the application from the beginning until the bank account is opened.

Fund Custodian Solutions

The Fund laws in most jurisdictions require that all regulated Fund vehicles must appoint a custodian bank inorder to ensure that the assets of the collective investment scheme are safeguarded and to monitor the activities of the Fund or its management company. The Fund’s choice of the custodian bank must also be approved by the respective authorities prior to issuing a license.

Using our rich network of intermediaries, we source reputable custodian banks for our clients during the structuring phase. We introduce our clients to state of the art custodian solutions to standardise Fund processing and to increase efficiency and safety of the Fund.

The custodial services include: day to day portfolio administration (such as the cashing in of dividends, coupons and matured bonds, the exercise of option rights and other operations linked to the securities and liquid assets held in the portfolio), verification that the calculation of the net asset value is carried out in compliance with the law and the management policy and monitoring that instructions coming from the fund manager are in line with the law and the Fund prospectus.


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