Curacao Gaming License

Curacao Gaming License

Curacao has regulated gaming since 1993 and is one of the first jurisdiction to regulate online gambling. Curacao has become a famous and respectful jurisdiction for online gaming operators.

Key Features

Curacao offers a very attractive environment for international online gaming operators, as Curacao offers only one License type which covers all online gaming products, including casino, skill games and also sports betting.

The operator is required to register a company in Curacao and have a local administrator, the company will be set-up as an e-Zone company in order to benefit from 2% corporate tax only. One of the requirements for a curacao license is hosting of a backup of the customer and transaction database in Curacao.

Curacao offers two types of licenses: Master License and Sub License whereas both licenses cover gaming operators the distinction is that a Master License can offer a sub license. However apart of this, the sub license has the same rights as a full license to run an i-gaming business legitimately. Only one license is required to cover all gaming activities.

The Master License is issued for 5 years and is renewed automatically subject to compliance with regulation and legislation. The sub license is valid for an indefinite period depending on the validity of the master license it is issued under.

Legal Requirements




  • Corporate  vehicle permitted

Curacao Company

·         License application fee

USD 1,200

·         Annual license fee

USD 10,000

  • Local physical office required


Share capital or equivalent

·         Minimum paid up capital



  • Minimum number


  • Corporate directorship allowed


  • Local director required



  • Minimum number


  • Corporate shareholder allowed


  • Local shareholder required


Service Providers Required

  • Company secretary


  • Auditor


  • Legal adviser


 Tax Treatment

There is no VAT in Curacao and corporate income tax rate is only 2%. In addition, there is no tax on Bets, no import duties and no sales (turnover) tax.

Duration to Set Up

Around 4 weeks

Distinctive Benefits of Licence

  • Curacao Licence has no classification on gaming products. The license covers all casino games, sport betting, lotteries and bingo!
  • Curacao is also a modern, high-tech jurisdiction fully accepted by international organizations like OECD and FATF.
  • Innovative IT infrastructure, an attractive tax system and political stability makes Curacao one of the most reliable gaming license provider.
  • One of the main advantages of Curacao License is an effective application process — it is simple, quick and cost-efficient comparing to other licensing options.

The Valsen Advantage

  • End to end comprehensive service
  • Speedy and efficient service
  • Expert advice on structuring options
  • Dedicated ongoing compliance support
  • Extensive network pool of service providers
  • Sourcing of applicable service providers within our extensive network


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