Aruba Free Zone License

If you want to establish a company in the Free Zone of Aruba, you need to apply for a Free Zone License. Aruba’s Free Zone offers you a flexible business platform to conduct your global services, international trade, (green) technology and light industrial activities. Aruba’s location is your gateway to these new and fast growing markets. If you are planning on doing business in different countries throughout the region, your regional headquarter is welcome in Aruba.

Distinctive Advantages of Aruba Free Zone Company

The government of Aruba is developing and promoting Aruba as a Gateway. To develop a ‘smart and sustainable’ economy, special incentives have been implemented for companies with value added potential wishing to establish their business in Aruba’s Free Zone.

  • 2% tax over all profits generated from free zone activities
  • 0% import duties and excises on goods and equipment
  • 0% turnover tax over the turnover generated from free zone activities
  • 0% dividend tax
  • Exemption from foreign exchange commissions on foreign currency payments
  • Full foreign ownership
  • Exemption from the Business License Act
  • No minimum investment required to start up a free zone business
  • A US dollar account at a local bank ensures efficiency in payments
  • Local sales possibilities
  • Flexible construction and location possibilities
  • Refund for free zone cargo

     The Valsen Advantage

  • Speedy, Efficient and consistent Services.
  • Relentless effort to obtain bank accounts.
  • Expert advice on structuring options.
  • Dedicated ongoing compliance support.


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