Dubai Forex Broker Licence

Setting up a forex company in Dubai and acquiring the relevant Dubai forex license is an opportunity to establish a business in a modern, well-established and strong infrastructure.

Valsen can assist you with all of your Dubai forex license needs. To learn more, please view our Dubai Broker License services page. If you are ready to begin the process of acquiring a broker license, please complete our Broker Application form.

Obtain a Dubai Forex License

Dubai has a strong economy which is what attracts many people to invest in this location. Setting up a forex company inDubaiwill enable you to benefit from favorable tax solutions and thus earn added revenue from the formation of your forex company.

Dubai forex licensing is issued by the Dubai FSA (Dubai Financial Service Authority). This is an independent regulatory body that controls and regulates all financial activity carried out within Dubai. The purpose of the DFSA is to ensure that commodities futures trading, international equities trading, international equities exchange and other financial activity is correctly controlled to adhere to the legal framework of the DFSA. In addition, the DFSA regulates banking institutions and other financial bodies.

The process of acquiring a broker license from Dubai is rather complex as Dubai has very stringent guidelines in place for the acquisition of a license, as well as for managing and administering a forex company. The DFSA carry out frequent checks on forex brokerage firms, to ensure that they are carrying out financial activity in compliance with the DFSAs rules and regulations.

Before beginning the process of acquiring a Dubai broker license, it is important to have a company in Dubai that has been set up with the specific intention of providing forex activity. You will need to obtain a range of certification that outlines the internal and external operation of your business. Furthermore, you will need to complete a fit and proper test, which confirms that you are fully capable of setting up and running your own forex brokerage firm.


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