Belize Trading in securities_Guideline

Belize Trading in Securities License

The International Financial Services Commission Act of 2011, provides regulations on Belize Trading in financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities. This are regulated by Belize International Financial Services Commission.

The services offered by the Licensee shall be consistent with products offered by licensed brokers for trading in financial and commodity-based derivatives.

Some of the other International Financial Services include:

  1. Formation or management of international business companies or other offshore entities.
  2. Formation or management of international (or offshore) trusts and the provision of international trustee services.
  3. International insurance services.
  4. International asset protection and management.
  5. International collective investment schemes (such as mutual funds, unit trusts, etc.).
  6. Money transmission services.
  7. Payment processing services.
  8. Trading in foreign exchange.
  9. Money brokering.
  10. Money lending and pawning.
  11. Money exchange.
  12. Safe custody services.
  13. Accounting services.
  14. Brokerage, consultancy or advisory services in any of the above service

Legal Requirements



Element Requirement(s)
Entity Requirements
  • Partnership
  • International Business Company
  • Limited Company
  • Unit Trust
Director’s Requirements The licensee will need at least 2 (two) natural person Fit and Proper Directors of any jurisdiction
Shareholder requirements The licensee will need at least 2 shareholders
Audited accounts The applicant shall provide details to the commission an approved auditor of any jurisdiction
Compliance Officer, Money-laundering Reporting Officer and Money Laundering Compliance Officer The Compliance Officer must be approved by the commission form any jurisdiction
Belize Office The applicant will operate an office however not compulsory in Belize.

The Licensee shall not establish a branch, subsidiary or representative office without the prior approval of the IFSC

Minimum Capital Requirements The Licensee shall at all times keep deposited with a bank or other licensed financial institution in Belize the minimum paid up and unimpaired capital of USD 500,000

Ongoing Obligations

  • The Licensee is required to forward to the IFSC within ninety (90) days of the end of each calendar year (or at such other times as may be specified by the IFSC), a Compliance Declaration Form, properly completed and given under Oath, Notarized and Apostilled
  • The Licensee must hold in cash or qualified authorized securities as prescribed by the International Financial Services Commission (the “IFSC”), either solely or in common, customer credit items in excess of customer debit items. In addition, the Licensee is required to:
  1. segregate customer funds;
  2. maintain physical possession or control of fully paid and excess margin securities carried for customers.
  • The Licensee will be required to meet with the IFSC at least once a year to review the Licensee’s performance in the preceding year and prospects for the ensuing year
  • The Licensee shall pay special attention to cash deposits (including bearer monetary instruments) in excess of US$10,000.00 (or its equivalent in any currency) and ensure that such deposits are not the proceeds of money laundering or any other crime.

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